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It is no secret that materials play an important role in the longevity of a roof. But did you know that a roof also requires adequate ventilation? A roof that is not properly vented is vulnerable to moisture buildup.

This can jeopardize the lifespan of your roof as well as affect the comfort levels within the home. A Woodland roofing company can install these types of vents for your roof:

  • Static vents
  • Power vents
  • Long Ridge vents
  • Soffit vents
  • Gable vents

A Woodland Roofing Company Has the Right Vent For You

Static vents, also known as louvers, are named such because they have no working parts. They are generally installed near the ridge of a roof. They are typically very inexpensive and a favorite among many roofing contractors.

Power vents are motorized fans that push moisture and hot air out of the attic. These can come with a thermostat or humidstat, which turn it on when it reaches certain temperature or humidity levels in the attic. These are best used along with intake vents along the eaves or soffit areas.

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Ridge vents, as the name indicates, are installed along the ridge of the roof. They come in non-shingle over or shingle-over vents. Shingle-over types are less noticeable, as the vent is covered in the same shingles on the rest of the roof. Combined with soffit ventilation, these are the most effective in providing a more even distribution of temperature.

Soffit vents are located in the eaves and overhangs of a house. They are most often constructed from PVC or aluminum. These vents perform well on their own and are often combined with other types of vents. They may also be called intake vents.

Gable vents are found on the ends of the home in the peak of the roof line. Used without intake vents, they rely on wind direction and speed to function as both intake and exhaust vents. Therefore, if no additional ventilation products are used, light winds may not be able to adequately cool the attic area.

Yancey Home Improvements, Your Woodland Roofing Company

Yancey Home Improvements is the Woodland roofing company for all your ventilation needs. Our top rated contractors are skilled and knowledgeable to help you determine what vents best suit your home. With a proper venting system, you can rest easy knowing your roof will be around for a long time. You may even notice a reduction in your heating and cooling costs. Call Yancey Home Improvements for all your roofing needs!

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