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Sacramento Roofing and Solar

Is your Sacramento Roof in need of Repair of Replacement? What would your Budget be like with Sacramento Solar system powering your Home?

Your home could look like new – After all Your roof makes up a very large percent of your curb appeal. And with solar panels, you can enjoy power bills that are next to zero.

  • Complete Roof Replacement
  • Complete Solar Energy Systems
  • Back up Power Supplies and Generators
  • Heating Cooling and Ventilation HVAC Systems
  • Siding Replacement, Replacement Windows, Exterior Painting
  • Sunrooms, Patios and Room Additions

For professional results on your home improvements including roofing and solar, always hire a fully qualified – licensed, insured, experienced and highly recommended

Professional Roofing, Solar and Home Improvement Expert!

Roof Replacement and Repairs

Sacramento Roofing

Shingles Looking a Little Ragged?

If you’re looking for a full roof replacement or roof repairs, look no further.

Yancey Home Improvements has a complete selection of materials from GAF and Owens Corning. Since we are approved partners with both companies, we offer fully trained roof technicians ready to install your high quality new roof per manufacturer’s specifications.

Our roofing crews are covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance and Yancey Home Improvements maintains General Liability Insurance, all for your protection.

We are licensed with the State of California – License # 714569.

So, you get a great looking roof and a warranty to cover any defects in materials or workmanship. Peace of Mind!

Solar Energy

Sacramento Solar

Got “Shocking” Electric Bills?

If you are a Pacific Gas and Electric customer, Yancey Home Improvements can set you up with a Grid Tied Photo Voltaic Solar Energy System!

Since we are also a roofer, you can relax while we install your solar panels. Fully licensed and insured and ready to convert your rooftop into a source of renewable electricity.

You won’t have to worry about brown-outs and black-outs when we install your Tesla Power Wall or Generac PowerCell battery backup system. If you drive an electric vehicle, you can charge for free at home using solar energy. Depending on your amount of shade percentage, you may consider off-grid status or even selling electricity back to the power company.

We participate in available incentives programs and we offer some Great financing.

HVAC Systems

HVAC Installer Sacramento

Home Losing it’s Cool?

Depending on the age of your air conditioner, you may no longer be able to re-charge the freon!

New A/C units and Heaters are super efficient and cost a fraction to heat and cool your home compared to just a few years ago.

You know, some builders intentionally under-sized the HVAC systems they installed just to save money. Our HVAC specialist can evaluate your energy usage and get your system sized appropriately while making your home more comfortable and saving money.

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Our systems are affordable and we carry financing. Don’t forget to check for rebates from Energy Star and/or State and Federal programs.

Windows and Siding

Sacramento Siding and Windows

Exterior Starting to Show it’s Age?

No Sacramento Siding lasts forever and those old single pane Sacramento Windows are costing you money!

Wood siding is susceptible to termites and needs regular paint to keep it protected from dry rot. Windows built more that 10 years ago are probably inefficient single pane windows. They leak air, probably don’t fit or lock properly any longer and maybe even painted shut!

Replace with James Hardie Fiber Cement siding and trim or choose from a variety of Alside Vinyl siding, stucco and more. We can update or match the look of your home making it more modern and increasing curb appeal. Top it off with a fresh coat of high quality exterior paint!

Windows are now super efficient double pane with Low-E glass and other cool features. They save you money, they are quieter and more secure and harder to break! You won’t believe the options available and your home will look like new.

Relax while we do all the work Once you get your detailed quote for your Replacement Windows, let us take care of the rest. You might have to more a few furniture items and window coverings but, we do the rest. Financing makes sense fo all our Home Improvement Projects since you’ll get your Return on Investment and reduced energy and maintenance costs along with an affordable monthly payment plan.

Room Additions

sacramento room additions

Running out of Space?

You don’t have to sell your home and move! Avoid all that hassle by adding a room to your home. Yancey Home Improvements can turn-key the entire room addition for you. From design concept to blueprints, permitting and the entire construction process.

Some Room Addition Ideas:

  • Add a Bedroom
  • Maybe a Family Room
  • Include another Bathroom
  • Garage, Theater Room, Second Story with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms!

When you hire a professional, expect professional results. Our license is #714569 and we are fully insured with General Liability and Workman’s Comp.


Yancey Home Improvements offers financing from several banks and financial programs.


Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

If you install solar in the coming months, you may qualify for a Federal Income Tax credit equivalent to up to 26%  of the cost of the project!

Don’t pass up the opportunity – With a 26% tax credit, an already reduced and or eliminated energy bill…What Will You Do with All The Savings?

Find out more on the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) web site.

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