Sacramento Roof Replacement

When your roof has lived a full life and no longer protects your home and your family from the punishing Sacramento heat, it’s time for a full roof replacement.

This means a complete tear off of all roofing material down to the decking (plywood or OSB). At that point we can do a thorough inspection of the condition of the roof’s structure before covering it back up. At this point we can repair and replace any water damage, dry rot or termite conditions that may have developed.

It’s at that point the leak barriers, starter strips and other roofing materials start to go on.

Whether you choose from GAF or from Owens Corning lines of premium roofing materials, you’re safe knowing we are certified with both.

Sacramento Roof Repair

roof repair Sacramento

If you can see any type of damage or other evidence of leaking or discoloration, it’s time to get a qualified roofing contractor up there to take a look.

We will full inspect the condition of the roofing materials and look for trouble areas that may be leaking. It’s important to know that, during a roof repair project, we will do everything we can to keep the amount of work to a minimum. Our evaluation and our detailed written quote will tell you exactly what needs to be done to protect your home and your family as well as extend the life of your roof.

We will match the materials and the color, texture of existing materials as closely as possible in order to reduce the “patched up” look you’ve seen from other roofing company repairs. Yours will be as consistent as possible.

Roofing Sacramento California by Yancey Home Improvements

roofing sacramento californiaRoofing Sacramento California homes is not easy. It requires skill and experience. With something as important as your home’s roof, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Are you sure you want to put the fate of your home in the hands of just any roofer?

Yancey Home Improvements promises nothing but the highest level of roofing services, repairs, replacements, and installations.

When You’re Roofing Sacramento California, Get Affordable estimates

With the right contractors, Sacramento roofing projects need not be crazy expensive. Our estimators will work within your budget so you get the best value for your money. Our estimates are also provided free of charge, and there’s no pressure for you to sign up for anything.

On-time projects

Once you’re comfortable with the quote, we’ll come up with the contract and schedule your project. Now, we know how valuable your time is to you, so we go to great lengths to ensure that your roof is done within the time frame.

Experienced contractors

Quality projects are done by experienced contractors. Our team of roofers is among the best in the field, so you know you’ve got nothing to worry about throughout the project. Needless to say, our contractors are licensed Sacramento roofers.

roofing sacramento ca

Preferred contractor

Yancey Home Improvements is the only GAF Master Elite Contractor in Sacramento. A GAF Master Elite Contractor is factory-trained and certified to carry out roofing installations using GAF products. These projects come with better warranties than if they were installed by other Sacramento roofing contractors.

Insurance for Roofing Sacramento California

We respect your home. That’s why all our projects are covered by a general liability insurance coverage of $2,000,000. This is twice the required insurance for contractors. With us, you know your home is adequately protected.

You’ll also rest assured that every worker from Yancey Home Improvements is covered by a workman’s compensation policy.

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