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While a cool roof is not mandatory for residential properties, it is an asset that can reduce your energy expenses, make your roof more durable, and lower your upkeep costs. It can also give you a lot of financial rewards.

However, a lot of these benefits depend on the quality of your cool roof construction. To ensure optimum benefits from your cool roof, have it installed by a certified roofing, Sacramento contractor.

  • Cool roof contractors know the right roof for your home.
  • They are trained and well-versed in cool roof construction requirements.
  • Your roof is more likely to qualify for tax rebates with professional construction.
  • Cool roof contractors can advise you on the economics of a cool roof.
  • They can assure that your project complies with California Code of Regulations.
Yancey Home Improvements is one of the most trusted cool roofing contractors in Sacramento. For more information about cool roofs and our cool roofing services, dial 916-455-7730 today.

Pick the Right Roof for Your Home

Whether you want an asphalt shingle, metal, clay, or tile roof, our expert contractors can advise you the best cool roofing choices. We can also give you a roof plan that takes into account the best pitch and slope for your roof.

Compliance to Cool Roof Construction Requirements

Our contractors are trained in cool roof construction and can ensure that your roof complies with these requirements. We are also a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor and are a trained applicator of GAF’s cool roofing products.

Tax Rebate Qualification

A professionally installed cool roof can get you qualified for tax rebates. For more information about tax rebates, check out the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Cool Roof Economics Advice

Getting a cool roof is a big investment, but it can also give you financial rewards in terms of energy savings and tax rebates. We can help you figure out the best cool roof option for you and the possible payoff of the project.

Compliance with California Code of Regulations

Compliance with construction regulations will make your project go smoothly without incurring heavy fines. We can also process and manage the permits and inspections for you.

Want to know more about cool roofs? Call us today and talk to one of our cool roof experts.

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