How A Little Bit of Water Can Lead to Massive Structural Damage

Water Damage

Most Sacramento roofing companies and home improvement contractors offer on-site roof inspections before they come up with a detailed repair or renovation plan for your house. This is because they understand firsthand how big structural damage issues can begin from something as small as a leak in your roof.

In a place like Sacramento, where it’s mostly sunny and dry, homeowners are often tempted to disregard the real risk of water damage and forget the importance of roof inspections. But the fact remains that regardless of what the weather forecast for this week shows, you need to have your roof checked and maintained regularly.

 This excerpt from a How Stuff Works article explains just how much damage water can do to your roof and to the rest of your home:

 So what causes the worst destruction? As it turns out, water is your home’s foremost enemy. It begins a chain of events that will result in your home’s complete collapse — beginning with your roof. Water generally enters your home through the roof. This section of your house is held together by a series of trusses, triangular-shaped structures to which your roof is nailed. The roof, usually a type of plywood, is nailed to the trusses and then covered with roofing shingles.

Most shingles used in home construction are rated to last 20 or 30 years. As they begin to decay, the shingles will disintegrate or fall away from the roofing nails that hold them in place. The exposed plywood will be no match for the rain falling upon it. Eventually, the plywood will rot, and water will make its way through your leaky roof into the interior of the house below. Here, it will go to work on wallpaper, paint and drywall.

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