Why Repair Pros Prefer Not to Climb Your Sacramento Roof

Homeowners who are wary about free onsite surveys would opt for paid inspections. Paying $250 to $300, they would then hope that the visit will produce better results and turn in a more serious Sacramento roof repair expert who would climb the roof to conduct the checks.

If this sounds a lot like you, take our advice. Do not write that check yet or commit to a paid survey. You may be in for a disappointment. You see, contractors are not obligated to climb your roof during an inspection. Many will prefer not to – unless really necessary.

Before the professionals will even consider propping a ladder against your wall, they will assess the situation first. Below are some factors they will consider:

  • Pitch. Steep slopes are more difficult to scale than flat ones. Very few surveyors will risk walking on a pitched roof.
  • Roofing System. Wooden and asphalt shingle roofing systems can accommodate foot traffic and provide some traction. However, slate roofs are not likely to have any takers. Wet or dry, slate is slippery.
  • Safety. Weather conditions, mold colonies, structural integrity, and the availability of the required equipment – All these comprise a roofer’s exposure to risk. A contractor will never compromise his life or that of his crew for the sake of conducting the inspection.

If a repair pro decides not to climb your roof on the scheduled inspection, don’t feel bad. It’s usually for good reason. Besides, when the dangers of climbing your roof outweigh the benefit of an on-site check-up, there are alternative means of assessing the damage.

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