Why Consider a Clay Roof for Your Sacramento Home?

Drive around your neighborhood and you’d likely spot quite a number of homes sporting a clay roof. It seems like the perfect roof for California’s sunny appeal, but there’s more to recommend it than just looks.

If you’re thinking of getting your old roof replaced or eyeing some options for your new construction, here are some reasons to consider a clay roof for your home. Talk to a Sacramento roofing contractor about:

  • Durability. Have you ever noticed how the old houses and buildings in Sacramento still sport their original clay roofs? Clay is a very durable material and can last up to a century or more if given the proper care. If you want a roof that’s durable with a proven track record, clay is a great choice.
  • Strength. Clay roof tiles made by hand a century ago are still in good condition today. Just imagine how strong modern, machine-made, international standard-approved clay tiles are. When installed correctly, clay tiles can even withstand strong winds.
  • Color-fast. One of the most common problems with other roofing materials is that their colors fade over time. You won’t have this problem with a clay roof.  Clay retains its original color decades later so your home will still have a new-looking roof years from now.
  • Natural insulation. Clay tiles are shaped like tubes cut in half. Since the hollow part of the tile doesn’t touch your underlayment, it prevents heat transference from the outside. Less heat transference means a cooler home, which is always a plus when living in Sacramento.
  • Low maintenance. Clay tiles have a very low water absorption rating, so they’re not at risk for mold and mildew growth. They only need to be washed every 5 years or so. Laminated tiles even eliminate this concern for you entirely.

Have more questions about clay tiles? As one of Sacramento’s trusted roofing contractors, we’d be happy to help. Call or send us an email with your inquiries.

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