Why Ask Your Sacramento Roofing Contractor About Cool Roofing

The idea of having a cool roof has been around for quite some time, but it’s only been lately that homeowners are taking this seriously. With news about climate change and the present economic situation, cool roofs present a cost effective way to tackle these two major problems.

The surface of a typical Sacramento roof can reach temperatures between 150 and 185 degrees. This heat is then transferred into your home, raising the indoor temperature by up to 16%. This significant increase in the ambient temperature forces your cooling system to work harder to keep the inside temperature lower.  You end up with increased energy consumption and hundreds of dollars worth of unnecessary cooling costs.

Cool roofs prevent this from happening by deflecting the radiated heat from the sun and dispersing the heat from within it. The heat that comes into your home through the roof is then significantly reduced.

Most cool roofs have light colors to reflect light more efficiently. However, there are specially designed cool roofs which have darker tones.

Insulation matters

If you want to maximize your energy savings, you also want to look at upgrading your insulation. Insulation prevents radiant and conducted heat from being transferred into your roof space, and ultimately, your home. Batt, concrete block, and rigid foam insulation are good choices if you’re having a major roof replacement. However, foil and blown-in insulation are just as effective if installed properly.


Yet another important factor in keeping your roof structure cool is proper ventilation. Without it, warm air in the attic would have nowhere to escape but into your living space. This is especially important if you’re planning to insulate your roof with more than one material.

Ask your Sacramento roofing contractor today about how you can get started on having a cooler roof, lower cooling bills, and a comfortable home.

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