Which 3 Areas on Your Roof are Prone to Leaks?

In addition to the fabulous sunny weather, Sacramento can also be prone to rain, storms, and fierce winds. As such, roof leaks are a very common and real problem when it comes to roofing. Sacramento weather can worsen leaks, so it’s best to have roofs repaired as soon as the damage is spotted. This is to prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Check the following leak-prone spots on your roof and get started on repairs and prevention:


Anywhere where there is a cut on the shingles or roofing material is prone to leaks. Chimneys are one such example. If your house is old, aging caulk might be the culprit that starts a leak around your chimney. Sacramento heat is also a culprit and may cause the cement caps around your chimney to crack.

Professional roofers can safely scale and climb your roof to fix damage. Fixes for chimney leaks will usually entail peeling off the old caulking and re-caulking the particular spot on your roofing. Sacramento roofers may also apply roof sealant around the base of your chimney. Extensive damages like cracked mortar joints or displacement of bricks may require a more intensive repair job.

Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are the point where two sections of your roof intersect. While valleys are often protected by flashing, these are not always leak-proof. In some cases, the shingles may overlap and develop gaps that may be too small to see but big enough to let wind-driven rain in your roofing. Sacramento roofs leak at these spots due to improperly cut shingles and faulty installation.

This is one repair Sacramento roofers are best called for. Roofers may need to open up a section of your roof to correctly install new shingles and repair possible water damage on the decking.

Roof Field

It’s not uncommon to have the leak damage on the surface of your roof or where the shingles are laid. Cracked, broken, and damaged shingles can expose nails and have gaps that can let water in. Age can also play a factor in your roof’s effectiveness to stop leaks.

Roofers may install new shingles to replace worn or broken ones. However, if your roof is aged and clearly worn out, a complete re-roof may be more cost-effective over time.

If you are unsure how to inspect and address roof leaks, calling trusted roofing professionals can do a lot of good for your roofing. Call us today for a free quote.

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