Watch out for These Sacramento Roof Company Mistakes

Roofing mistakes are costly and troublesome. Left unchecked, these mistakes can lead to more serious roofing issues. Learn how to spot the most common slip-ups done by Sacramento roofing contractors.

Poorly installed shingles

Whether it’s slate, asphalt, clay, or wood, poorly installed shingles are a waste of good roofing materials. It’s not that easy to spot this problem, especially for clay and wood shingles, but the effects are devastating nonetheless.

You’ll know a shingle is badly done if you see unevenness on the roof, or misalignment with the shingles. For asphalt shingles, curling is a common sign that a shingle has been installed inappropriately. If you suspect that your shingles have been poorly installed, call your roofer immediately.

Bad roof design

While bad roof designs can be unattractive, some are just plain silly. This is not unusual among roof replacement projects. Poor design is characterized by a lack of basic design functionality. You’ll see downspouts leading to awkward angles, poor functionality, and eaves that collect water rather than get rid of it.

This is one of the worst things that could happen with your roof. Fortunately, you can deal with a poorly designed roof by having a professional roofer do the necessary corrections on your roof structure.

Use of inappropriate materials

This is common among roof repairs with lesser companies. An inexperienced Sacramento roof contractor often ends up using incompatible roofing products. One common mistake is using laminated shingles to repair a roof which predominantly uses three-tabs. This not only gives your roof an uneven look, it can cause leaks as well. Because laminated shingles are thicker than three-tabs, the point where these two materials meet is vulnerable to being torn off.

Save yourself the trouble of having a poorly installed roofing project. Choose an experienced professional Sacramento roofer to make sure you get quality services on your roof.

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