Want To Save Money This Spring And Summer? Get A Cool Roof From Roofing Companies in Sacramento

Light colors reflect sunlight, while dark hues absorb heat. This means that you should coat your roof with a light color if you live in Sacramento, since the area receives a lot of sunlight, especially now that it’s spring heading into summer. Similarly, you can plant a rooftop garden to make a green roof, which helps in the same way, in that it makes homes more sustainable and energy-efficient. As The Huffington Post puts it:

“Green roofs and cool roofs offer the potential to improve the sustainability of urban areas” — that was the bottom line conclusion of a report released by NRDC and the Emmett Center on Climate Change and the Environment at the UCLA School of Law two years ago. And it’s an important (and well-established) conclusion — our urban environments contribute to, and are in turn threatened by, an increasing number of environmental challenges that these types of sustainable urban practices can help us tackle.

While both options seem to be viable, cool roofs seem to be the more immediately available type because if you’re building a new home in California or planning to do some remodeling, all you need to do is apply highly reflective paint on your roof sheets, tiles, or shingles. On the other hand, having a green roof is more complicated in that you’ll need a surface that can accommodate the plants and it’ll require a lot of maintenance work.

If you’re still weighing the pros and cons, contact local roofing companies in Sacramento like Yancey Home Improvements so you can get more information about the subject. Either way, as the article mentioned, both options will help reduce your monthly energy bills and improve your home’s indoor comfort level. Furthermore, they both reduce the “heat island effect” usually experienced during the warmer months.

Thus, it’s really up to your personal preferences whether you go for a white or green roof. To make the decision easier, Sacramento roofing companies like Yancey Home Improvements can offer expert advice on their diverse lineup of roof types and can work within the budget you have.

(Article excerpt from White Roofs vs. Green Roofs: Recent Reports Declaring a Victor Overlook That Both Are Wins for the Environment, March 7, 2014)

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