Don’t Trust Just Anyone With Roof Replacement

When you find out that you need a complete roof replacement, it can be shock to the system. It’s a major cost and one that has to be handled right away. If you have a leak, or areas of rotting in your roof, then it’s only going to get worse by ignoring it. Instead, you need to find a roofing contractor with the expertise and reputation that your home deserves. Without it, you could be setting yourself up for a big failure.

It All Begins With The Estimate

Before a single shingle is removed or a nail hammered, you need to get an estimate from several different companies. Be wary of any company that walks up to your door and simply offers to complete the job for a ridiculously small fee. It may sound appealing at the time, but the company will likely be unable to guarantee their work, aren’t licensed, and if something goes wrong will be no where to be found. Choose roofing contractors from the phone book or online through websites that offer reviews.

Such firms will come to your house, give the roof a good look and provide you with a detailed estimate of how much it would cost for them to complete the job. You need to look at each estimate individually and not base everything on price. While a specific company may offer a lower price, you must question what kind of materials are they using and what kind of guarantees they provide.

It may be worth a bit of extra money if they promise to come back and fix any problems without charging.

Check Them Out

Before you make a decision, check out each of your finalists extensively. Why? An estimate tells you what they do, but not how well they do it. Ask for references from past clients and get their opinion on the company. There are also many different websites that provide reviews for service industries. Check out the positives and negatives, but always take these with a grain of salt. Once you have done your research, you can make the perfect decision based on reputation and price.

In The End

Once the job is completed, make sure to get a phone number and the name of a contact person at the company. If there are any problems, then you should be able to call them up and have it fixed immediately. File the information and don’t lose it. Roofs are often guaranteed for a number of years so you might need the information in the future.

Yancey Home Improvements offers roofing repairs and emergency repairs along with complete roof replacement. Should you find you have a stubborn leak or wind damage we can help. Minor repairs are no problems for us either; let us help you with your home repairs and upkeep.



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