Top 3 Sacramento Roofing Service Slip-ups

Sacramento roofing service contractors agree that roof issues and leaks are caused by faulty roofing installation. In fact, most of the roof issues we deal with are the result of poor and sloppy work from a previous roofer. In this post, learn about the most common amateur roofing mistakes common with less-than­-reputable Sacramento roofers.

Loose Sheathing

Roof sheathing provides additional protection and helps reinforce the roofing material. In asphalt shingle roofs, the sheathing is found right beneath the shingles. It covers the deck and the framework of the roof. Roof sheathing often comes loose in older roofs.

However, loose sheathing in newer roofs is an indication of poor workmanship. A poorly installed sheathing can inevitably lead to leaks. The only solution to this is to replace the damaged sheathing and any affected shingles.

Improper nailing

Another common roofing blunder, improper nailing leaves shingles vulnerable to being blown off by strong winds. Nails should be fastened through the nail strip found on the edges of each shingle. This way, the adjacent shingle gets to cover the part where the nails are fastened.

Nails which are fastened too low or high cause curling along the shingle edges. If using staples, the fasteners should be shot vertically. Sacramento roofing service contractors often use four nails per shingle.

Other roof installations

If installed improperly, roof-mounted fixtures such as satellite dishes, skylights, and vents can deal serious damage to the shingles, the sheathing, and the deck. Aside from resulting in leaks, incorrect installation of these fixtures can be just as bad to the fixtures themselves. Be sure to have a professional Sacramento roofer install these for you.


The best way to avoid these issues is to make sure you hire an established professional roofer. For quality roof repairs, installations, and services, the expert roofers of Yancey Home Improvements is your best bet. Give us a call today to schedule a free on-site assessment and estimate.

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