The Most Common Materials Used For Roofing on Sacramento Homes

One of the best things about having a house inSacramentois the wide variety of options available to homeowners.  Since the climate in Sacramento is so mild and not prone to severe weather conditions, almost all sorts of roofing materials can be installed.   Here are some of the most common materials used for roofing Sacramento homes:

  • Metal.  Many Sacramento homes are now sporting metal roofs because they are now again in style.  While problems like rust and loud noise during rains hound old-fashioned metal roofs, the new metal roofs available today do not have such problems.  Moreover, the latter are more durable and require less maintenance.  If you prefer a metal roof for your Sacramento home, just be prepared to have extra insulation installed.
  • Tile.  One of the reasons why many Sacramento homeowners prefer tile roofs is because they are very durable.  It is said that such roofing material can last for more or less 70 years.  Tile roofs are also very attractive and can give more aesthetic value to any house in Sacramento.  Since tile is heavier than most other kinds of roofing materials, it would be necessary to have additional structural roof support installed.
  • Asphalt.  The use of asphalt shingles is very popular, not only in Sacramento, but also across the whole country.  This kind of roofing material is very cost effective and easy to install.  It also requires less upkeep and less repair expenses.  However, it is not as durable as other roofing materials like metal and tile, but works well for the average home.
  • Wood.  While many homeowners from colder states shy away from wood roofs, many Sacramento homes have this kind of roof.  One of the most common reasons behind this preference is the fact that wood roofs are aesthetically beautiful.  Besides, the mild climate in Sacramento will not take that much toll on wood roofs.  However, if you love the look of wood roofing but want lesser maintenance, you can always opt for composite roofing material, which is partially made of wood.

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