Solar Panel Installation by Yancey Home Improvements

Solar panel installation is one of the best investments that smart home and business owners can make to not only improve the value of their property but also to drastically reduce the overall costs of energy consumption.

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As you may be aware, solar panel installation is definitely not a do-it-yourself job.

For the property owner who wants to realize all of the cost savings and many benefits of switching to solar power, leave design and installation to the Experts.

That’s why Sacramento Homeowners considering generating their own clean energy should consider Yancey Home Improvements for their solar panel installation by a qualified residential solar energy contractor.

Sacramento Solar Panel Installation Pros

There are three key reasons why customers hire Yancey Home Improvements for professional solar panel installation:


Yancey Home Improvements has, over the years of doing business, earned a reputation as the Sacramento area’s premiere roofing specialist. The same dedication to experience and quality workmanship that Yancey Home Improvements has demonstrated in all facets of its custom roofing systems is now extended to include solar panel installation.

We not only install solar panels for our residential and commercial customers, we provide customers with the expert advice they need to select the right solar panels to suit their roofing configurations as well as their specific energy needs. Our job isn’t to sell you on a specific type of solar panel, but to provide you with all of the information you need so that the solar panels we ultimately install on your roof give you the energy savings and reliability you expect.


When you hire a Solar Panel Installation Company in Sacramento, be sure to check them out:


Yancey Home Improvements and its team is fully licensed and insured. As proven local electrical contractors and roofers, we are the ideal company to professionally install solar panels that not only save you money but also increase the value of your house or commercial building by making it environmentally friendly.


Yancey Home Improvements offers financing from several banks and financial programs.

Completing a Roof Replacement and Solar Energy system together can get you qualified for 2.99% financing and up to 10 years to pay! O.A.C.  Other plans available.

✓ Solar Panel Installation ONE-STOP SHOPPING

Home and business owners who want solar panel installation find everything they need from Yancey Home Improvements because we are fully licensed for all trades involved in the project. This means we can handle everything from the design of your new solar panel energy system to its professional installation that will meet all necessary local building safety standards.

Since we are a Licensed Contractor with the State of California CSLB# 714569, you can rest assured that all city permits will be filed and handled correctly.

Extend your Solar Panel Installation project with the addition of back-up battery power systems and prep your home to charge your Electric Vehicle.

A professional from Yancey Home Improvements will be paying attention to every detail about your solar panel installation project, which means that installing solar energy will be a simple and hassle-free process from start to finish.

Solar FAQ’s

Solar Panel Installation Company

When choosing a solar panel installation company, make sure they are qualified for the job. We are GAF Solar Elite Certified and we are GAF Master Elite Certified. That mean you get both a highly qualified solar panel installation company and roofing company wrapped into one package. In addition, with $2 Million in General Liability insurance, workers comp insurance for our crews and a license for roofing and solar work, Yancey Home Improvements is hard to beat.

Solar Energy Renewable

Solar energy in one of the world’s currently available renewable energy resources. It is joined by wind, hydroelectric, wave energy and thermal energy from the below the surface.

How solar energy is stored

The electricity produced by a solar photovoltaic array can be stored in battery systems. It can be used to recharge your RV battery, electric vehicles and much more. For households, solar energy is stored in battery arrays such as the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge. Yancey Home Improvements can design storage into your new solar array system or design an add on for your existing system.  Yancey Home Improvements can design and install a complete energy generation and storage system or add the battery back up to your home whether you have solar or not.

Where solar energy is used

Solar energy is used around the world. Where is solar energy found? It’s efficiency is only limited by the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface. So in the arctic circle and in the rain forests, solar sunlight can be either very seasonal or none existent.

How solar energy is beneficial for the environment

Solar energy is beneficial by replacing some of the other means of producing electricity such as natural gas, coal, fossil fuels and nuclear. Wind and hydroelectric are two other green energy producing technologies. You help slow depletion of natural resources while reducing carbon emissions.

How much solar energy do I need?

When we visit your home we will evaluate you electricity bill and the amount of shade vs. direct sun light exposure your home has. We’ll design a system to create as much energy as possible for your home’s sunlight exposure. Anywhere from 50% of the homes needs up to 100% of the needs.

Solar Energy Loans

Many banks and savings and loan companies offer various types of home improvement loans. Yancey Home Improvements has several financing plans offered which can allow you to qualify for very low financing rates and up to a decade to pay. Ask your residential solar consultant at your appointment.

What solar energy can be used for

Anything run by electricity basically. Depending on the size of a solar cell, a solar panel and a solar energy system, the amount of energy/electricity generated will vary. You’ve seen solar panels used to operate entry gates, recreational vehicles and even smaller system like landscape lighting. Yancey Home Improvements specialized in designing systems to run the electrical needs of a residence.

How solar energy is created

Solar energy is created by sunlight shining on the photovoltaic panels. Light is collected and 12v power is created by the cells in the pv absorbing electromagnetic radiation and converting to negatively charged electrons.