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solar panel installation sacramento

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Considering adding Solar to your home? It’s a great idea and a great way to contribute to the efforts to reduce Global Warming. It’s also a great way to reduce your electricity bill down to the minimum and possibly even eliminating it all together.

For many people, they see the photo voltaic (PV) panels up on the roof and think that it makes a great DIY project. It really couldn’t be further from the truth, however. There is a lot more that goes into a Solar Panel Installation than what meets the eye. First there is the Planning stage. How much power are you using now and what are your anticipated needs? Do you plan to supplement your energy provider? Replace your energy bill? Run off Grid? How many panels will you need for what kilowatt hours your want to produce?

By the way, how much shade do you have? You’ll need good sun exposure in order to maximize power production. Will you have enough power production to run during a brown out or a black out? For how long?

Okay, enough of the questions. The bottom line is that our Solar Consultants at Yancey Home Improvements are experts at evaluating your solar panel installation project and designing it to fit you current and future needs.

Solar Panel Installation Parts and Pieces:

Here is a quick list of 7 of the most critical components of a solar panel installation project. Many of the parts and components you just don’t see by looking at the panels on the roof and thinking…that’s it?

  • Solar Photovoltaic panels. These are the panels you see on top of the roof and they are wired together in a sequence called a solar array. Each panel has a specific kilowatt per hour rating and together the array will make up the total available wattage you need to power your appliances. The power produced by the solar panels is in DC or Direct Current format.
  • Solar Power System Disconnects. A critical component that allows you or the electrician to shut off the DC power from the home system to allow work to be done. The disconnect switch needs to have a rating matching the output of the power produced by the array.
  • Battery Charge Controller.
  • Deep Cycle Battery Storage.  These two systems work together to balance out the power so that you can run your appliances during low power output times as well as so the batteries don’t discharge themselves back through the system.
  • Solar Power System Metering. This a nice to have option that allows you to gauge and monitor the amount of power your system is producing and how much solar power your house is taking advantage of.
  • Solar Power System Inverter. The PV solar panels are producing electricity on the DC (Direct current) level. Think about your vehicle’s electrical system with the 12 volt battery and alternator. They are DC spectrum systems. You microwave, TV and hair dryer are on the household current which is AC (Alternating Current). The inverter takes the panel array’s DC power and converts (inverts) it to AC for your house.
  • Backup Power. This system steps up your solar panel system to the level of Off-Grid potential. These are cabinets of Lithium ion batteries to store all the power you are producing to allow extended periods of run time thru blackouts or running your home on days where there is minimal sunlight. Tesla PowerWall and Enphase Encharge power storage systems are popular examples.

Solar Panel Installation Consultants

Our consultants will visit your home and evaluate the power potential of your location, size the system and design it for your needs. Our production crew takes care of permits and complete solar panel installation. All you have to do is enjoy your new “Green” Renewable Energy…and the low power bills!

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