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Many homeowners think that their roof will always be fine, and for the most part it is out of sight and out of mind. The truth is that a roof can slowly degrade over time, but catching problems early can save you thousands in roof repairs. Roof damage isn’t always invisible, and there are signs that you can catch if you’re looking.

Roof repairs can be costly, so when you find evidence of trouble, call a contractor and get them to do a free estimate to see exactly how much it would cost to fix your roof problems.

Exterior Signs of Roof Damage

While you shouldn’t be climbing around your roof, if you can see loose or missing nails, loose or missing shingles or buckling from your yard or from a ladder, then your roof needs repair. Loose and missing nails mean there are holes where water can get into your home and begin damaging the support structure and ceiling. Missing or loose shingles also means that the key layer of protection is no longer secure.

If you notice buckling on the roof, then the original roof may not be ventilated properly or wasn’t put on properly. If you notice several areas of buckling, then you could need an entirely new roof.

If you own an asphalt roof and start seeing asphalt lining your gutters, you may be in for additional troubles. It means that the rain is washing the asphalt off the shingles. You should also look for dark spots on the shingles, mold or rot as these can also mean shingles need to be replaced.

Interior Signs of Roof Damage

If there are signs on the interior of your home, then the roof repairs may be severe, as the water has seeped in enough to cause physical changes to the interior ceiling. Bowing or drooping ceiling tiles are a sure sign of roofing issues. The tiles either soak up the water or water pools on top, weighing the shingle down. The effect isn’t immediate and takes time for the ceiling tile to weaken.

Discoloration of ceiling tiles also means that water is likely leaking into the ceiling area. As the problem worsens, the discoloration will spread, and as it does the tiles will be weakening. Meanwhile, your support structure above the ceiling could be rotting or growing mold.

The most obvious sign of a roof repair is an actual leak. The leak is simply where the water has an access point to leave the ceiling, it may not mean that’s where the leak is coming from.

Should you find you have a stubborn leak or wind damage from our varying Northern California weather, we can help. Please feel free to contact us for a free in-home consultation and design appointment when considering the replacement of your roofing needs. Yancey Home Improvements is your Sacramento roofing specialist.

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