Selecting Superior Roofing in Folsom, CA to Endure Extreme Conditions

Obviously, disasters can be very destructive and the damage they deal to houses can be quite costly to repair—unless certain precautions are taken. An article published in The Huffington Post on September 27, 2013 enumerates various ways homeowners can protect their homes from all sorts of natural disasters. It presented suggestions on how to prevent a house’s immediate destruction, with a special note regarding roofing:

The peak of wild fire season is now, September – October, but of course fires can happen at any time. With a few steps, you can prevent a fire from taking your entire home.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) states that the roof is the most vulnerable part of your home. Homes with wood or shingle roofs are at high risk of being destroyed during a wildfire. CAL FIRE recommends building your roof or re-roof with materials such as composition, metal or tile. Block any spaces between roof decking and covering to prevent embers from catching. This step can literally save your home.


Fires can ravage roofing beyond repair. Worse, some roof materials like wood shingles can even serve as fuel for the conflagration. To minimize damage, roofs need to be resistant to fire, if not completely flame-retardant.

Choosing the right roofing in Folsom, CA can save a homeowner’s life, so careful consideration has to be made. Not all regions in California are prone to wildfires, but that doesn’t mean residents can afford to be complacent. Given the right conditions, a wildfire can begin from any patch of dry foliage, and it doesn’t take long for the inferno to seek out nearby residences.

Wildfire season runs between April and October, peaking during the autumn season due to the amount of dead leaves and branches that can be used as fuel. Evidently, homes will need to be outfitted with nonflammable materials in order to prevent catching fire.

As suggested in the article, roofing made from metal, tiles, or composites like fiber cement can stand up to the flames long enough for firefighters to respond and extinguish the flames. Homeowners should ask local roofers like Yancey Home Improvements to install these types of superior roofing in Elk Grove, CA.

(From: 10 Things You Should Know to Protect Your Home and Wallet From Disaster, Huffington Post, September 27, 2013)

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