Home Improvements That Increase Your Return on Investment

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Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about two major home improvements that benefit you both while you’re in your home and when you decide to sell.

Replacement Windows

Glass Package

If you currently have single pane windows, about all they do for you is keep the rain out. Their low insulating ability, air leakage, and loss of 25 to 50 percent of the energy to heat and cool your home are all good reasons to replace them.

Upgrading to double pane windows increases energy efficiency because of the many options you have in choosing the glass package for your replacement windows.

Look for a window with an Energy Star label which compares performance based on:

  • The U-factor – how well it prevents heat from escaping
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) – how well it blocks heat from the sun
  • Visible transmittance – the amount of light that comes through
  • Air leakage – how much air will pass through cracks in the window assembly
  • Condensation resistance – resistance to condensation on the interior surface

Products with the Energy Star label help you determine the right window for your area.

Frame Material

Vinyl is currently the most popular replacement window frame material for many reasons:

  • Durability – they don’t require painting or staining and they resist peeling, cracking, and warping
  • Energy efficiency – better thermal protection than wood or aluminum
  • Environmentally friendly – they’re recyclable and last longer than wood and aluminum
  • Many aesthetic options – several color options, design choices, and style combinations
  • Affordability – they can be the most affordable type of replacement windows

Replacement House Siding

windows and siding sacramento

Yancey Home Improvements recommends James Hardie siding and trim products. What’s so Great About James HardiPlank Fiber Cement Siding? First, consider the simple ingredients in fiber cement siding:

  • Water – to dissolve the wood pulp and activate and harden the cement
  • Wood pulp – improves flexibility and resilience
  • Very fine sand – provides bulk and stability
  • Portland cement – made with limestone, clay, and iron, it binds the ingredients

James Hardie products are engineered to withstand damage from moisture and rot, and with the option of their baked-on color option known as ColorPlus® Technology, your siding will resist fading. HardiPlank siding comes with a 30-year no prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

Because of its unique composition compared to wood or vinyl, you’ll have these advantages:

    Resistance to

  • Damage from moisture
  • Cracking
  • Splitting
  • Rotting
  • Swelling
  • Termites and insects
  • Flame spread

In addition, paint lasts longer than on wood, and it has shown superior performance in high wind and hurricane areas. Because HardiPlank siding is non-combustible, your insurance company may offer a discount.

In the Sacremento Area, Yancey Home Improvements Is Your Go-To Contractor.

If you’re considering either of these home improvement projects, you’ll want to ensure the installation is performed by a licensed and insured contractor. The right products installed incorrectly invalidate manufacturer’s warranties and deprive you of the benefits of increased energy efficiency, a comfortable interior environment, improved curb appeal, and the return on your investment your were counting on.

Our Yancey Home Improvements personnel will be by your side from the time you choose your windows or siding through the accurate measurements and complete installation, and we won’t be satisfied until you are.