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Benefits of Sacramento Solar

As energy costs go up and environmental concerns continue to rise, many people are exploring home Sacramento solar power systems. These devices can and do work very well, but there are some pros and cons that can come along with them.

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Reduce reliance on power company
  • Protect your home against brownouts and blackouts

Yancey Home Improvements offers Sacramento Solar across the PG&E Sacramento County service area. We can design the system according to your power needs and design to your budget and expected return on your investment.

Home solar power systems can vary rather greatly in size and capacity. They all operate using the same basic components, however. These include such things as solar panels to collect the sun’s energy, inverters to transform it into usable power and batteries to store harvested power for future use. The efficiency and ability to power systems within a home will depend on the actual components used in a design.

It is definitely possible to design a system that not only generates all the power your family needs but also store it in backup battery systems for use during extended outages and/or stormy days when solar is less efficient.

The Pros Of Home Solar Power Systems

Home systems both large and small can bring with them a number of advantages. In most cases, systems do eventually pay for themselves thanks to cost savings on electricity bills. The pros for this type of solar system include:

  • Offset of electrical use – Home solar power systems even in small designs do offset the amount of non-sustainable energy that a particular residence uses. This can help conserve fossil fuels and make a home more self-sufficient.
  • Cost savings – For every kilowatt hour home solar power systems save, homeowners realize a real cost benefit. How much this will equate to will depend on the actual offset and the prices currently charged by an electric or gas company.
  • Environmental impact – Home solar power systems are designed to operate using sustainable energy. The sun’s power is not something humans can deplete. In addition to this very green perk, solar power is also cleaner to harvest and use than fossil fuel-based energy.

The Cons Of A Sacramento Solar System

Although home solar power systems can be very beneficial for people to consider, there are some potential cons that go along with the prospect. They include:

  • Initial costs – Depending on how large a system a homeowner is looking at, the costs involved can be rather high. This can make it very difficult for some homeowners to afford the initial investment.
  • Efficiency – Home solar power systems do sometimes have issues with efficiency. This can hinge a lot on the design of the system, the amount of sunlight available and the positioning of the solar panels to take advantage of available daytime hours.
  • Space requirements If a system is desired to completely replace electric, the amount of space required for a solar array might be prohibitive.

Again, everything has it advantages and disadvantages but, with a property designed and installed Sacramento Solar energy system from Yancey Home Improvements, a local GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, you can beat the high initial cost by taking advantage of Government incentives, low cost financing and…time. The power you make over the lifetime of the system can pay for the entire program. In addition, you may even be able to sell energy back to the power companies.

Home solar power systems can greatly offset electrical use and sometimes even replace it. These systems provide a greener way to power a residence.

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