Spruce up your Home with New Sacramento Siding and Painting

Whether a Sacramento area homeowner has lived in his house for decades or has just blown out the candle on his first anniversary of ownership, it soon becomes easy to take the exterior appearance of a house for granted.

And many home owners who are not interested in placing their home on the market don’t consider curb appeal, that quality of attractiveness that makes a home stand out from the neighbors, all that important. It’s easy to not notice that paint on the porch railing is peeling, or that some siding panels are missing or become damaged due to weather exposure.

In order to fully enjoy your home and feel a true pride of ownership, keeping Sacramento siding and painting in good repair is essential to the value of your property. But giving your home outstanding curb appeal takes much more than tacking down a few loose siding panels or an occasional DIY paint job. An experienced Sacramento siding and painting contractor is the professional service to hire in order to provide your home with the fresh makeover it needs to look great and well cared for.

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Quality Siding and Painting is More than Just Good Looks

Upgrading the siding and painting on your home offers benefits beyond just having your house look its most attractive. Homeowners who hire an experienced Sacramento siding and painting contractor not only enjoy the benefits that are associated with improving a home’s insulation capabilities, they also benefit from lower energy costs. That’s because a home that’s been professionally painted with new siding installed is better equipped to have both its air conditioning and heating systems operate at maximum efficiency.

Plenty of Siding and Painting Choices

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High quality paints these days come in a wide variety of colors to suit your decorating theme and to make the exterior of your home enjoy outstanding curb appeal. Homeowners also have their choice of three main top-quality siding materials which protect the structure of the home from weather conditions in addition to adding an essential layer of insulation. Choose wood for a natural exterior, vinyl for an affordable yet strong siding choice, and fiber cement for a durable siding that suits any architectural style.

Take a critical look at your home’s exterior today and ask yourself if it’s time for a fresh makeover. Your Sacramento siding and painting contractor is ready to answer your questions during a complimentary consultation.

Siding Choices

Yancey Home Improvements offers a variety of different siding choices…because, not all homes are meant to look the same!

We offer:

  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Insulated Vinyl Siding
  • Cedar Wood Siding
  • Aluminum Siding

Siding needs to be installed correctly! That’s why we are factory trained and licensed to perform the job. We also carry a General Liability policy and Workman’s Compensation policy. This ensures you are protected against any possible issues that arise.

Trust your Siding and Painting to the Sacramento Professionals!

Looking for a Distinctive Look or Remodeling an Historic Home?

Ask to view our choices in the James Hardie Architectural line! Textures and patterns to match your home’s style while upgrading to rot and bug resistant, long lasting James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding!

All the benefits you’ve come to realize that only Hardie ™ can provide. Superior performance in a drop dead gorgeous looks.

Set your appointment and begin your remodel now!

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