Sacramento Roofing Service: To Call Or Not To Call

The roof is part of a house’s first line of defense against the many elements.  Even the most responsible of Sacramento homeowners can overlook the deteriorating condition, especially damage not immediately visible.  When you do notice a problem, you should address it immediately.  However, many homeowners are not sure whether they should do the repair on their own or to call their trusted Sacramento roofing service providers.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to seek the services of a Sacramento roofer or not.  The following are the most important of them:

  • Problem Assessment.  To determine the kind and extent of repair needed, you should first have the problems assessed professionally.  It is better to let professional roofing service providers do this.  Their team of experts can not only look into the visible damage, but also into other underlying problems.  As with any kind of roofing problem, it should be thoroughly inspected before the appropriate action can be determined.
  • Extent of Damage.  After the extent of the roof damage has been assessed, you can now determine whether you can do the repairs yourself or if you should call a Sacramento roofing repair contractor.  Usually, if there is no structural damage and the repair job only calls for the replacement of a few shingles, a homeowner could reasonably do it himself.  However, if the damage is extensive or requires some degree of expertise, professional help is recommended.
  • Insurance Considerations.  Before you decide to do any roof repair work on your own, consider your home insurance, if any.  Are there clauses in your insurance policy regarding roof repairs?  There are certain insurance policies that specify that any repair work be only done by Sacramento roofing service professionals.  So, read your insurance contract first before making any decision.  Better yet, call your insurance provider to discuss your specific policy requirements.

If your house has sustained roof damage, don’t hesitate to get repairs done before damage spreads.  You can call 916-455-7730 or visit to request for a free onsite inspection.

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