Sacramento Roofing Service: The Roof Frame

Neglected as it often is, a good roof frame plays an integral role in a high-performance roofing system. In this article, learn about its importance and how it affects a Sacramento roofing project.

Structural integrity

Roofs can easily reach net weights of a couple of thousand pounds. As such, your roof support system should be able to accommodate twice – even thrice this weight. The wind foil created by the slope of the roof can also create a lift from the bottom of the roof, forcing the roof upward.

A structurally sound roof frame should be able to handle considerable stress caused by the elements as well as roofers walking on your roof.

Roof pitch

Roof pitch is yet another important aspect to consider in a roof frame. For Sacramento homes, roof pitches are quite low, ranging from 3 in 12 to 6 in 12. The roof frame determines the slope of your roof, so it’s important to choose the most appropriate roof slope for your home.

A roof with a high pitch lasts longer because it sheds water faster. However, it is more difficult to install compared to a low-pitched roof. A good Sacramento Roofing Service contractor should be able to provide a recommendation based on your needs.

Architectural compatibility

Your roof frame should also provide an aesthetic counterpoint to the architecture of your home. The most recognizable architectural feature is often the roof, so you may want to think this over first. After all, you can’t have a colonial home without its characteristic steep roof. Best to consult with an architect if you’re going for a themed home.


A goof roofing frame should likewise be able to accommodate both passive and active ventilation systems. Ridge vents, soffits, and other ports are crucial to keep the attic space cool. For bigger homes, you may need to install active vents to deal with more volume of warm air.

Most active ventilation systems are installed at the top-most part of the attic space. A good roof frame must be able to carry this additional weight without buckling.

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