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While it’s tempting to accept offers from roofers to “fix” your roofing claim, there’s a reason a legit contractor doesn’t ask or offer to cheat insurance companies. It’s wrong, and while convenient, it can give you problems in the future. Legitimate roofers can help you in getting your claims approved without cheating. Here’s how:

  1. Call your insurance provider and clarify your coverage.
    Not all homeowners’ policies cover roof repairs and replacements. Some pose limitations and exclusions on what the insurance company will pay for. Before getting estimates from a Sacramento roofing contractor, ask your insurance company about the services or costs it covers.
  1. Ask Sacramento roofing contractor for an on-site assessment.
    Established roofing contractors provide free on-site assessment to potential clients. They carefully assess the damage to your roof before providing you with a comprehensive estimate. Ask contractors to categorize the damages. Separate damages caused by aging or wear and tear from damages caused by hail and storms. Most insurance companies only pay for damages caused by external factors, excluding coverage for those caused by the passage of time.
  1. Request roofing contractors to take photos of the damage.
    Climbing roofs is dangerous business. Since roofers from a Sacramento roofing contractor will have to get up there to inspect the damage, shoot two birds with one stone by asking them to take the photos as well. These photos will be useful should the insurance company ask for details of the damage through email. Give them the date when the damaged occurred and offer to send the photos. Most insurance companies will still send an inspector or adjuster to inspect the damage, but it helps that you are forthcoming about information on the damage.

These are just some of the ways professional contractors can help with your insurance claims. Be sure to work with a highly recommended roofing contractor – most insurers also look at the quality of the service you hired when assessing your claim. Have any experience on filing roofing claims? Share them in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.

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