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On both sides of the Atlantic, there are structures that have withstood the test of time, and are silent witnesses to history unfolding. An article published by the BBC on January 21, 2014 reports that:

Urgent repairs to an 18th century temple at one of the most visited National Trust properties in the country have started.

The 250-year-old pantheon at Stourhead in Wiltshire has a leaking portico roof and cracked steps which the trust said needed fixing before they collapse.

Head gardener Alan Power said he hoped it would “last another 250 years”.

A grant of £260,000 from the Sita Trust was donated for the work which is expected to take three to four months.

stourhead pantheon leaking roof repairs start

While Sacramento’s modern history may not go as far back as that of the Stourhead estate, the California state capital has a number of historic structures worth mentioning. These include Sutter’s Fort, the Mesick and Goethe Houses, as well as Fire Station 4 in Midtown. If you have a house that has stood tall over the years in moderately livable condition, and you want to initiate renovations that will preserve the structure for generations to come, you can contact reputable Sacramento roofing companies, such as Yancey Home Improvements, for assistance.

Aside from providing free and comprehensive estimates, roofing companies in Sacramento, CA can determine if repairs or complete roof replacements are needed to rehabilitate residential roofing systems. Whether its repairing existing roofing systems or re-roofing homes, licensed and experienced contractors can restore roofing systems to their former glory.

While Stourhead management has confirmed that there are leaks on the portico roof, they have yet to reveal the severity of the damage. An archaeologist is inspecting the Stourhead Pantheon for architecturally important elements, and is trying to uncover the building techniques used by the original builders to assist contractors with the renovation process.

(Article Information and Image from Stourhead Pantheon leaking roof repairs start; BBC; 21 January, 2014)

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