Sacramento Roof Repair Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Many first-time homeowners are surprised by the amount of work owning a home entails. It’s understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the responsibilities – you’re not alone. Most homeowners have gone through the same thing when they bought their first homes.

One thing that can add to new homeowners’ anxiety is a busted roof. If the house you bought has a busted roof or if the damages appear shortly after you move in, here are some Sacramento roof repair tips you can use:

  • Cultivate a relationship with a local roofing company.
    This is one of the best moves you can make for your home. A leak isn’t the last problem your roof will develop through the years. It sure pays to have a roofing company at your speed dial who can attend to your roof concerns ASAP. How do you cultivate a working relationship with a roofer? Here’s how:
    • Get recommendations from locals. If you’re new in the area, find out which roofing company your neighbors or colleagues hire for their roofs.
    • Call prospects, research, and interview. Call prospective roofers, research and verify their information online, then conduct interviews. Roofing jobs are rarely cheap – you need to protect your investment.
    • Leave your contact information with your hired roofer. You want to be included in their mailing list so you get updates on promos and discounts. You never know when you need another repair and a discount could be useful.
  • Read through your home purchase contact.
    Read through the contract you signed when you purchased your home. There may be a provision in the contract and other paperwork referring to any warranty your roof has. Some roofing manufacturers have transferable warranties – if your roof is still covered, the manufacturer will cover the cost of the materials.
  • Work out the best repair for your roof.
    How long do you plan to stay in your new home? If you plan to live there for at least 10 years or more, consider a replacement for a severely damaged roof. If you’re only staying short-term, a few repairs may give you better value. Your chosen roofing company can help you assess.

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