Sacramento Roof Company: 5 Traits of a Good Contractor

Choosing a local roof company is tricky business. With plenty of companies out for competition, choosing which roofer becomes a task in itself. This guide does not promise to provide a sure fire way to landing the right contractor. However, this list provides everything you need to get started.

Company Name – When choosing a contractor, determine the names of the roofing companies you are considering. To make the job easier, stick with familiar names and names which you’ve heard from referrals.

Company Address – An established Sacramento roofing company should have a permanent address. This should be a real office and the center of the company’s operations

License – A roofer should at least have the B-General Building Contractor and C-39 Roofing licenses issued by the city of Sacramento.

BBB – The Better Business Bureau provides quality feedback and information about businesses across various industries. Make sure your roofer is duly accredited by the BBB.

Reviews – Look to other sources for reviews. Ask your neighbors and friends for referrals and recommendations. A company is more likely to be referred if it provides quality work.

TIP: Never overlook a company’s insurance coverage. This should be tackled in your meeting with your roofer. Surprising as it is, a roofer is required by law to insure all roofing projects are insured for at least 1 million dollars.

It pays to do the legwork before choosing a roofing company. Land a reliable roofing firm and you’ll never have to look for another one again in years.

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