Services Offered by Top Roofing Contractors Sacramento CA

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Color and Design

Choosing the color and design for a new roof is never easy. That’s why we’ll walk you through the whole design process. No more second guessing; our roof professionals are here to help you make the right choice for your home.

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A quality roof is a well-ventilated roof. We’ll help you maximize the cooling capacity of your roof with quality ventilation installations. Whether it’s steel, wood shake, asphalt shingle, or tile roofing, we’ve got the right system for you.

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Thermal Efficiency

Maximize your energy savings even more with insulation systems designed to work with the natural ventilation of your roof. As temperature rise in your home, your air conditioning system works harder to cool the house down, resulting in unnecessary energy consumption. Even with ventilation, heat from the sun can still warm the air in your roof space faster than the vents can push the warm air out.

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Gutter Systems

Downspouts and gutters are often neglected during Sacramento roofing projects. Over time, poorly installed gutters can cause early damage to your roof structure.

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Solatube Installations

Make the most out of the sun with Solatube natural lighting systems. By harnessing the power of the sun, you use less artificial light, so you lower your energy bills.

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Energy Efficient Roofing

With the sun constantly beating down on your home, your roof is bound to get hot. Most of the time, things get so hot that the warm air trapped in your attic seeps into the air conditioned space. This causes the temperature in your home to spike.

A cool roof is your first line of defense against the heat as it reflects heat away from your home, so your roof stays cool.