Roofing Company Elk Grove

Roofing Company Elk Grove

Any roofing company Elk Grove relies on knows the effects that severe weather can have on a roof. There are many environmental and weather conditions that can critically impair the structure of your home.roofing-companies-shingle-springs.jpg Do you know what you should do when your roof suffers storm damage?

  • Check for Damage
  • Take Pictures
  • Make Temporary Fixes
  • Contact Insurance Company
  • Hire Roofing Company

Check the Damage for Roofing Company Elk Grove

The first thing to do after the storm has concluded is assess the damage. Climbing up on the roof can be very dangerous, so it is advised that this be done from the ground. A pair of binoculars may be particularly useful at this time. Notate any visible damage and take lots of pictures. This information will be helpful when speaking with the insurance company.

Customer Roofing Review

★★★☆★ March 18, 2013 S.L. - Elk Grove, CA.
They do quality work and were very professional and kept me abreast of the process.

Roofing Company Elk Grove Suggests Minor Repair

Next you will want to make temporary fixes. This will help to minimize further damage to the interior of the home. Place buckets directly under leaks and empty them as needed. Valuables and furniture may need to be moved or relocated. Large tarps may be useful if they can be secured well until repairs can be made.

Your homeowners’ insurance company will need to be contacted at this point. They will be able to ascertain the extent of the damage and what, if any, financial contribution will be made for repairs. You will be able to determine from their evaluation if hiring a contractor is necessary. Any documentation you can provide them about the roof, such as before pictures, repair updates, etc. will be very useful.

Once you know how much budget you have to work with, you can proceed with contacting the certified roofing company Elk Grove believes in. One of the best choices in the industry is Yancey Home Improvements. Our top rated contractors will have your home recovered with the best quality materials in a quick and efficient manner. Storm chasers, while they may be cheaper, will only provide subpar work. You need a company that has stood the test of time, and Yancey Home Improvements is the perfect choice. Give us a call for an estimate today!

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