Roofing Companies in Sacramento CA: Cost Matters

Roofing projects are rarely cheap – especially if you invest in really high quality work and top-notch materials. However, this doesn’t mean that you should blindly accept a high end quote. Expensive rates don’t always equal great work.

At Yancey Home Improvement, we strive to give our customers roofing services that are high quality at reasonable and competitive prices. If you are working within a budget, our expert roofers can discuss the best roofing options available to you at your price range. We would never sacrifice quality for price, and neither should you.

We conduct roof inspections for free before giving roofing estimates. We do this to determine the degree of damage and the amount of work and materials needed to complete your project. Schedule a free roofing inspection by calling us at 916-455-7730.

Here are several factors that affect the cost of your roofing project:

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  • Roof size and shape.
    The wider your roof is, the bigger the cost to replace it. Or if you’re only in need of repair, the extent of the damage is also factored in. Roof size is measured in “squares” where 100 square feet equals 1 square.
  • Number of roof layers to remove.
    Projects in roofing in Sacramento must also include provisions for the removal and proper disposal of discarded roof layers.
  • Slope of the roof.
    Generally, steeper slopes cost more to repair and replace because they rate higher labor costs and danger pay.
  • Quality and kind of roofing material.
    The cost of your roofing job may be lower or higher depending on the kind of roofing materials to be used. Higher quality materials cost more, as well as better known brands and manufacturers.

Contractors for roofing in Sacramento vary in quality of service. To protect your investment, work only with reputable roofing companies in Sacramento, CA with an established reputation, trained employees, and a long string of successful projects behind them. They may give a higher estimate, but also a better value.

Yancey Home Improvements is a Master Elite Contractor of GAF, North America’s largest shingle manufacturer. For more information about our services, call us today to talk to our expert roofers.