Green Roofs: The Roof Sacramento Homeowners Dream of

Energy efficient roofing has been around for quite some time, but it has only been until recently that people started paying attention. As Sacramento locals recover from the recent heat wave, homeowners are now becoming aware of the importance of having a roof which can deal with high temperatures.

Energy efficiency

It’s the number one reason people are switching to cool roofs. Regular roofs absorb much of the heat that’s coming from the sun. This is very bad for the roof because it warms up the air in the attic. The heat not only damages the deck, rafters, and sheathing, but the heat also creeps into the living space.

This results in a rise in the ambient temperature of the home, forcing the air conditioner to work harder to keep the temperature low. This in turn causes your cooling bills to spike up, especially during summer.

Cool Sacramento roofing systems prevent this from happening by reflecting a huge percentage of the heat of the sun, so the roof surface stays cooler. A cooler roof surface means a much cooler attic, and ultimately, a cooler home.

Because your air conditioner does not have to consume as much energy to keep your home cool, you spend less on your cooling bills.


Cool roofing is not only about saving money. It’s also about comfort. Another effect of having a hot attic is a rise in the humidity. Whenever cool air meets a warm surface, condensation forms. The tiny droplets of water have nowhere to go when they evaporate because your home is sealed shut, so the water stays in the air, causing high indoor humidity levels.

Yancey Home Improvements is among the few companies that install residential cool roofing in Sacramento.

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