Roof Repair Sacramento Tip on Saturated Underlayment

Have you had problems with leaks in your roof? Most homeowners make the mistake of thinking that leaks are caused by holes or gaps in the roof. However, most perceived leaks are just pressed water that leak through your ceiling from a saturated underlayment. Water from rain and condensation due to insufficient ventilation can soak your roof’s underlayment. A soaked underlayment can’t do its job of serving as your roof’s secondary weatherproofing layer.

Here are some roof repair Sacramento tips on fixing saturated underlayment:

  • Get a professional roofer to check your roof.
    You cannot figure out where the water is coming from just by looking for visual clues unless there really is a gaping hole on your roof. A professional roofer can climb your roof and check under the shingles if your underlayment is really soaked. Replacing underlayment can be a costly job – you don’t want to do it unless you really have to.
  • Assess with your roofer the scope of the work.
    Replacing saturated underlayment means tearing off the roof covering. Your whole roof doesn’t have to be torn off. The roofer can assess and find out the sections where the underlayment is worn down and saturated. This way, you can opt to replace underlayment on sections that need it.
  • Talk to your roofer about recycling roof covering.
    In cases where the damage is strictly to the underlayment and not the shingles, you can elect to reuse your current roof covering. Talk to your roofing contractor to see if you can forgo getting new shingles to cover your new underlayment. When removed correctly, the shingles can be reinstalled. A skilled roofer can also keep to the current nail holes so new ones don’t have to be hammered through again.

Call us for more information on repairing saturated underlayment. Our expert roofers can give you a free in-home inspection and estimate. Getting roof repair Sacramento services doesn’t have to break the bank if done smartly.

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