Roof Leaks: What to Do Before Your Contractor Arrives

What do you do when your roof suddenly develops a leak? For many homeowners, the first course of action is to panic and then call for a roofer. However, in the summer it can be difficult to get a roofing contractor to make repairs immediately; it is peak roofing season and most companies don’t have enough roofers to spare.

That said, there are things you can do to lessen probable damages to your property before your Sacramento roofing contractor arrives:

Keep the water from spreading.

There’s no sense in leaving all that dripping water to damage your floor and other valuables. Place a thick old towel on the floor to absorb any stray drops or splashes and put a pail under the leak to collect the dripping water. When it comes to leaks, most homeowners often start out anxious. Just take it easy and calmly collect the water and mop the area dry before calling for help.

Cover valuables and put them out of the water’s path.

If your attic leaks and you use it for storage, cover any valuables with a tarpaulin or plastic. Covering valuables with a waterproof material will lessen risks of damage. If there are severe leaks on your roof, Sacramento contractors also advise to cover up any electronics or valuables on the floor directly below, just in case.

Call your insurer to inform the company of the problem.

Most insurance companies prefer to be informed as soon as the damage is noted. This is also the time to get the specifics of your homeowners insurance policy regarding roof repairs. Have your insurance agent explain to you any repair restrictions and how you can expect the company to pay out in case your claim gets approved. Most insurers have restrictions on coverage for roofing. For example, roofs with leaks due to lack of maintenance are usually not covered.

When it comes to roof repair, Sacramento roofers who are trusted and recommended are your best option. Call us today for more information and tips on how to handle leaks while you wait for roofers.

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