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Having to hire a residential roofer to replace the roof on your home can be costly, as it is one of the most expensive components of the structure.

residential_rooferSuch an endeavor could potentially endanger the financial welfare of your family. However, with proper maintenance and care, you can greatly improve the longevity of your roof and save money. Here are some suggestions to make your home’s roof last longer.

  • Install proper drainage and keep it clear
  • Remove debris from the gutters
  • Keep trees trimmed back
  • Clean roof’s surface
  • Make essential roofing repairs promptly

A Residential Roofer Will Install A Good Drain System

A roof is crucial to protecting the structure of your house. Keeping your roof clean is one of the best ways to improve its lifespan. Your roof should have adequate drainage, drain extenders, and gutters which will carry rain away from the house. But if any part of that system is clogged, they are useless and can cause extensive water damage. Regular cleaning will keep water flowing right where you want it.

Trees, while they provide great shade and can help lower cooling costs, can also punch quite a hole in the covering of your home. It is important to keep limbs trimmed, especially if they appear to be dead. When leaves and debris collect, it hinders water drainage and can hold moisture. This in turn will promote the growth of mold, moss, and fungus which will eat away at the structure. Power washing on a low setting will have your roof clean in no time.

For Repairs, Call A Residential Roofer

Should you encounter damage to your roof, repairs should be made as quickly as possible. Leaving the structure exposed to the elements can create a much larger problem. It is important to always have a small stash of roofing materials on hand for minor repairs. This will greatly improve the longevity of your roof.

When you need a certified residential roofer for your house, give the professionals at Yancey Home Improvements a call. Our top rated contractors will repair or replace your roof with top quality products, in order to provide lasting coverage of your home. We can even install a proper drainage system to enhance the life of your roof. Call Yancey for your roofing and home improvement needs!

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