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Only Choose a Qualified Sacramento Solar Company!

There are a lot of things around the house that you can do yourself and we certainly encourage DIY. There are also projects you’ll want to hire out that do not require a license and insurance. Installing Solar Panels and connecting your home’s new solar energy system to the grid…Well that something you should only trust to a Qualified Sacramento Solar Company!

What Could Go Wrong If you Don’t Hire a Qualified Sacramento Solar Company?

Plenty! First let’s talk about DIY. Sure it’s possible and there are some homeowners who are qualified…electrical and mechanical engineers as well as electricians are all most likely qualified to take on a photovoltaic solar panel energy system for their rooftop. I know some very handy neighbors with the degrees who can handle this sort of work. But, for the average home owner, it’s a job best left to a professional.

A primary reason you need a professional is for your permits. Only someone who is licensed and experienced in solar installation will be able to get the proper permits needed for rooftop solar.

How about design? A Sacramento Solar Company who is qualified and experienced will be able to evaluate your power needs and design a system that can take advantage of the amount and angle of sunlight hitting your rooftop in order to maximize production of electricity.


Yancey Home Improvements offers financing from several banks and financial programs.

What are some of the other things that could go wrong?

If the company you hire is not a qualified Sacramento solar company, they may not have insurance. This means General Liability in case either your property or your neighbor’s property gets damaged during installation.

Workman’s Compensation insurance is also required. What if one of the workers falls off their ladder and gets hurt. Without proper insurance, you could be sued and lose your home.

If your system is not designed properly it may not produce enough power to get your return on investment. Or if it’s hooked up wrong, the connection could fry some equipment and/or start a fire.

Yancey Home Improvements is the Qualified Sacramento Solar Company

Since Yancey Home Improvements is:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Experienced
  • Reputable
  • Established
  • Reasonable

With our certifications with roofing manufacturer GAF as a Master Elite Roofer and as a Solar Elite Contractor as well as out certification with Owens Corning as a Preferred Roofer, you can rest easy. Trust the company and employees climbing up onto your roof and know that, should anything at all happen, you’re covered.

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