Preserve Water this Spring by Installing Energy-Efficient Roofing

California's Spring Snowpack is Worst in Quarter-Century Image

The results of the recent survey of the Sierra Nevada mountain snowpack forecast tough days ahead for residents of California, where water is concerned. Coming off a dry winter and entering high temperatures this spring, property owners are encouraged to tighten taps and do all that they can to conserve water. As reported  by Al Jazeera America:

The California Department of Water Resources measured the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains and reported a dismal 32 percent of average water content for April 1, a milestone date and annual ritual that prefaces the spring melt. While in the state’s northern mountains, snowpack water content is at only 23 percent of normal.

“We’re already seeing farmland fallowed and cities scrambling for water supplies,” said the department’s director, Mark Cowin. “We can hope that conditions improve, but time is running out and conservation is the only tool we have against nature’s whim.”

While a discouraging picture, homes and commercial establishments still do not need to consider the situation an entirely hopeless one. Simple measures can be made to ease up on your consumption of water, and subsequently free up resources for others. For instance, modifying your gutters and roofing in Folsom CA to be able to catch rainwater can help you reduce your household’s water use.

Moreover, the Environmental Protection Agency asserts that energy consumption plays an important role in the way water is extracted, treated, distributed, and used. Lower power consumption means less water required for turning mechanisms that control filtration and distribution. Toward this end, an energy-efficient roofing system is a good enough place to start.

Among the most skilled roofing companies in Elk Grove and the surrounding areas, Yancey Home Improvements offers sustainable roofing options to residences and commercial establishments. The company draws from a solid history of high-quality workmanship, which allows them to deliver practical advice and long-lasting results. When you entrust your needs to them, you are assured of housing your family or business under a roof that will help not only you, but possibly the whole state, get through this drought.

(Article and Image sourced from California’s Spring Snowpack is Worst in Quarter Century, Al Jazeera America, April 1, 2014)

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