Letting Experienced Sacramento Roofing Companies Handle Wind Damage

Strong winds will spare no one and nothing from its fury, especially if it’s a rather powerful storm that has struck your community. Keoki Kerr of Hawaii News Now reports:

“Heavy winds struck the Waianae Coast Wednesday afternoon, damaging roofs, toppling trees and causing other damage.

Several of the buildings at the Garden Groves condos at 87-1550 Farrington Highway suffered serious roof tile damage that residents said started around 12:30 p.m.

“One of my neighbors was saying that the tile was coming off. So I went to the sidewalk and Iooked up there, all that tile was blowing off. And then I went and checked some of the others and I see they was coming apart,” said Wanda Nunes, a Garden Groves apartment owner who called her resident manager to report the problem.”

Sactown may be far from the Hawaiian Islands, but wind damage would be all too familiar to local residents. While wind speeds in Sacramento during January do not go any faster than 11 mph, wind speeds have been known to reach a deadly 53 mph. Although the area is normally wrapped in tule fog, who’s to say that Northern California windstorms might not break that monotony someday?

high winds cause roof damage traffic problems on waianae coast


In light of these concerns, it is best that homeowners seek help from trusted Sacramento roofing companies, like Yancey Home Improvements, for emergency wind damage repairs. A casual check of the damage in Waianae revealed that shingles were missing from roofs in several locations. In some cases, shingles that were not completely blown off were curled up or left barely attached to the underlayment.

Kerr reports that three roof repair specialists who worked at Garden Groves had to tether themselves to safety ladders while performing repairs as the winds raged. Fortunately, roofing contractors can perform timely emergency repairs, preventing serious damage to the roofing and its underlying material. Licensed contractors and professional project managers from reputable roofing companies in Sacramento can accurately assess roofs for damage, and determine if roof repairs or replacements are needed to restore the roof to optimal condition.

(Article Information and Image from High winds cause roof damage, traffic problems on Waianae Coast; Hawaii News Now; January 23, 2014)

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