Latest El Niño Forecast: Is Your Roof Ready for the Beating?

With spring in full swing and summer in the offing, everybody is in for some dose of sunshine. California, however, is getting too much of it as drought is affecting most areas in the state. Now, climate scientists disclosed that there is a great possibility the country may experience El Niño this year, which should set both commercial and residential property owners’ alarm bells ringing.

Here, in part, is the National Geographic report about the not-so-pleasant weather forecast:

The odds are in El Niño’s favour. The US Climate Prediction Center forecasts a greater than 50 percent chance that the climate-disrupting phenomenon could be upon us as early as this summer, with a two-in-three chance we’ll be welcoming it by winter. Fingers are crossed in drought-ridden California, where a strong El Nino could increase rain and snowfall.

Home and commercial property owners who wish to protect their properties against the dire effects of this possible inclement weather are encouraged to pay particular attention to their roofing systems. Since roofs and gutters are among the initial defenses of structures, they will take a lot of the brunt of the forecasted heavy rain and snow this spring. Thus, if they are not equipped to carry the load, they must be prepped in time.

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(Article and Image sourced from Is El Niño Back? Climate Scientists Forecast Its Arrival, National Geographic, April 12, 2014)

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