Is Your Sacramento Roofing Service Worth Your Trust?

At least that’s what most homeowners are told. While this claim holds true for some, it’s not always an accurate description for all Sacramento roofing contractors. It’s good to approach every new endeavor with caution, and the same applies for when you’re are choosing your first contractor.

Identify a Scammer

Spotting a shady contractor is easy if you know what to look for and ask the right questions. You may be dealing with a scammer if you spot the following signs:

Pushy Contractors – If a contractor seems to be in a hurry, or is trying to pressure you into agreeing to have your roof repaired, you may be dealing with a scammer. No matter what happens, do not pay any fees upfront.

Ridiculously low estimates – Bad contractors want you to sign up for a repair as soon as possible. Sometimes, to the point that they will provide estimates that are clearly way too inexpensive for any roofing project. You always want to look for reasonably-priced estimates.

License – Do not assume that anyone posing as a contractor is licensed by the Sacramento Building Department. Ask for a contractor’s license upfront. An expired license is just as bad. You put you and your property under all kinds of risk by hiring an unlicensed contractor.

Storm Chasers – Although this type of contractor seldom shows up in Sacramento, storm chasers can just be as tricky as other scammers. This type of contractors shows up after storms and go from door to door, offering emergency roof repairs, then leave town again when the work runs out.

Choose a Reliable Roofer

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