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Los Angeles has topped the list of US cities with the most number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings for the sixth consecutive year. The city, which has implemented a number of programs encouraging the adoption of energy-efficient methodologies and systems in homes and commercial establishments, received commendations from the Environmental Protection Agency for helping reduce the country’s overall utility costs and carbon footprint.

As mentioned in an article posted on early this April:

By the end of 2013, more than 23,000 ENERGY STAR certified buildings across America saved nearly $3.1 billion in annual utility bills and prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to the annual energy use of more than 2.2 million homes.

Sacramento would do well to take a leaf out of LA’s book and encourage contractors and property owners to begin taking more proactive steps toward energy-efficiency and sustainability in building. One way local residents can do this is by enlisting the help of roofing companies in Sacramento in charting their properties’ eventual adoption of more environmentally-friendly roofing options.

Yancey Home Improvements, one of the most sought-after roofing companies in Sacramento CA, works with a diverse range of roofing materials to help meet each client’s needs and energy-efficiency goals. Having been in business since 1892, they have a deep understanding of what really makes roofing systems work and are therefore able to deliver high-quality results that you can enjoy for a long time. Their partnerships with trusted brands in the industry allow them to offer clients the best materials for their money and get the maximum benefits out of all the products they install.

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(Article and Image sourced from Top 10 Cities with Most ENERGY STAR Buildings,, April 10, 2014)

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