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Pricing a Roof Replacement Cost Sacramento Market

Coming up with a price for a roofing replacement job in the Sacramento area comes down to several key elements.

  • Which roofing material manufacturer are you choosing? GAF and Owens Corning are our two “go-to” products. We are certified for both.
  • Which level of product are you choosing in the product line? Asphalt shingles come is levels from 3 tab up to dimensional laminated shingles.
  • How big is your roof? Many people think if they have a 1900 square foot house, that must be the roof size. Well, remember that most roofs are not flat, they have a pitch to them. Maybe even gables and overhangs.
  • What damages are up there that you can’t see from the street? Cracked roof jacks, ineffective vents and leaking valleys.

Why isn’t roofing materials measured in Square Feet?

The short answer is that it kind of is. Roofers go by squares. Squares are 10 feet by 10 feet aka, 100 square feet. Then we roofers like to shorten that to just “squares”. So a 10 foot by 50 foot section of roof is 500 Square feet or just simply 5 Square. One roofing square is just about 3 bundles which is how the roofing supply stores sell the shingles.

If you knew how many squares you needed, you could go to the nearest big box store and see how much a bundle of shingles in the quality that you like costs. But, there is a lot more that goes into pricing a roof.

Professional, Accurate, Complete Roofing Cost Estimates

A professional Sacramento roof company understands the importance of providing reasonable costing for different types of roofing projects. For homeowners, things can be quite confusing. In this article, we explain how an expert roofing company calculates project costs.

Inspection and estimate

The best way to determine roofing costs is by an actual inspection of the roof. The roofer then determines the prices and provides an estimate for the homeowner. The final tab on the estimate is determined by several factors:


Certain roofing material cost more than others to repair or replace. Asphalt shingles are among the most affordable roofing material on the market. It is widely available and can be easily installed. A regular asphalt shingle roof should cost you around $1 to $2 per square foot. However, high-performance asphalt shingles can cost anywhere from $2.30 to $3.50 per square foot.

Additionally, terracotta roofs are a bit pricey. You can get basic tiles at around $8.60 to $10.50 per square foot.  However, more expensive tiles range from $11 to $14 dollars per square foot; expensive, but definitely worth it if it’s in your price range.

Extent of project

Obviously, you’re going to have to pay more for roof replacement projects. Minor repairs such as downspout replacement, flashing repair, and shingle repair should not cost you much, unless they’re emergency repairs, in which case your Sacramento roofing company may charge extra.

Ridge ventilation repair costs also vary depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the roof. The same goes for soffits.


Another factor which determines the price of a roof repair is the Sacramento roof company you choose. Less than reputable roofers would bring their prices down, but provide shabby work. You’re better off hiring a licensed and bonded contractor. Projects done by good contractors are insured and come with full warranties.

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