Granule Loss According to Sacramento Roofing Contractor

Mineral granules provide protection against UV rays and heat damage to your roof. Without the granules, your roof will soon warp and age faster. As such, granule loss can become a serious issue.

As a Sacramento roofing contractor, we stress that granule loss starts even before the shingles are installed on your roof. Roofing manufacturers often apply extra granules to make up for the loss during transit and installation, so this initial loss is often negligible. However, the following are signs you should take granule loss seriously:

  • Bald-face shingles. At most, granule loss should still leave a fully covered shingle. If the loss is too severe as to leave entire shingles bare, it may be that the shingle is too old or defective. If your roof is new or still under warranty, you can report it as premature failure and ask the roofing manufacturer for replacement.
  • Granules enough to block gutters. If the granule loss threatens the overall health of your roof, it’s clear your roof has problems. Have a professional roofer check for clogging and to determine the cause of the granule loss.
  • Granules on the ground. Granules are embedded on the shingles using asphalt. If there’s not enough asphalt, even winds are enough to blow the granules off your roof. When this happens, you’ll find the perimeter of your house littered with shingle granules.

Granule loss can accelerate roof aging, cause your roof to deteriorate faster, and even increase your energy bills. Without the granules to deflect heat and UV rays from the sun, your roof absorbs everything, which makes your AC unit work harder and use up more energy.

These are just some of the most obvious signs of granule loss. For a more thorough check up, it’s best to call a local roofing contractor in Sacramento to inspect your roof. Call us today more information on granule loss and to talk to professional local roofing contractors today.

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