File Claims Better with a Sacramento Roofing Contractor

Filing roofing claims can be a nightmare – both in terms of paperwork and the bureaucracy you may have to go through. If only a roofing job were not so expensive, we have no doubt most homeowners will prefer to skip filing and just pay out in cash. Fortunately, there is a way to file claims better.

  1. Ask a Sacramento roofing contractor to confirm the cause and nature of the damage.
    When you ask for a roof inspection, ask roofing contractors to explicitly state the cause and nature of the damage in their report. Get at least three inspections stating the same. You can show these estimates to the insurance adjuster when he comes over. These inspection reports will lend strength to your claim.
  1. Have a contractor present when the adjuster comes.
    If you have chosen a contractor to do your roof, request if he can come over when the adjuster visits. This way, they can compare notes on the damages on your roof. If your insurance company has a network of roofing contractors in Sacramento, hiring one of them will improve your chances of getting the most for your claim dollars.
  1. Get multiple estimates.
    Different insurers have varying coverage policies when it comes to roofing. If you are unsure how much your insurer pays out for roofing jobs, it’s best to get multiple estimates from your roofer. Consider low-end, medium, and high-end estimates. This way, you have several options depending on the pay-out your insurer will agree to.

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