What is Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient?

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the fractional percentage of the sun’s energy that can make it thru to the surface on the other side. The SHGC is written as a fractional decimal number and a window needs to meet certain minimums in order to be rated as Energy Star. If you set an object directly in the path of sun light, that is a SHGC of 1 or 100% of the suns warming ability is hitting that object. Think hot sidewalk and bare feet! Ouch! A typical range in our climate in Sacramento is a .35 to about a .28. We want less that 30% of the sun’s energy warming our home.

If we lived in a cold climate, we would want less shading effect or numbers from .60 to .80 We would want 60% to 80% of the sun’s heat to warm our home.

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