Energy Efficient Roof Tips by a Sacramento Roofing Contractor

If you’re burdened by the increasing costs of electricity, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners are having the same problem. With climate change and energy shortage, every home’s energy consumption is expected to rise. Expected – but not unpreventable.

As a Sacramento roofing contractor, let us share with you tips on energy-efficient roofing that can scale down your electricity bill significantly:

  • Go for light-colored asphalt shingles.
    Many roofing manufacturers like GAF now produce asphalt shingles in light shades. There are also asphalt shingle lines devoted to cool roofing. These shingles are especially coated to deflect ultraviolet rays and prevent heat from being absorbed inside your home. Less heat means less work for your AC unit, which translates to less cooling and energy costs.
  • Install better ventilation systems.
    Energy efficiency isn’t limited to roof coverings and asphalt shingles.  Your roof’s ventilation system also plays a big part. You may need to add more vents to ensure better airflow inside your attic so your roof and home stays cooler and less humid. Less indoor humidity and better airflow means less work for your heater and a more stable temperature inside your home. This reduces the use of energy and saves you more money in the long run.
  • Insulate your attic better.
    Aside from ventilation, the insulation in your attic and roof also contribute to energy efficiency. The better insulated your roof is, the more stable the temperature will be indoors. A more comfortable indoor temperature means less work for both your AC and heater, which can drastically reduce energy bills.

Does your roof suffer from lack of energy efficiency? For more information on energy-efficient roofing, be sure to talk to a professional Sacramento roofing contractor. Call us today for information that can help your roof adapt better to the local climate and fight its effects.

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