Emergency Roof Repair: Fixes for Gored Roofs

After a storm, it’s not always possible to get roofers for emergency repairs, even when a tree branch perforates your roof. Sometimes, when the demand for roofers is too high, you may have to settle for some short-term fixes before actual repairs can be done on your roof to properly repair the hole.

These temporary fixes are necessary to prevent more damage to your roof while waiting for the roofers to have an opening in their schedule. This is important to keep water and critters out of your home while a part of your roof is exposed. Often used for holes created by hail stones and big debris like branches, here are short-term and even some long-term fixes that are often used for emergency roof repair in Sacramento:

Short Term Fix

Holes created by hail stone impact can be remedied temporarily with small pieces of aluminum flashing. These pieces can be tucked under the nearest undamaged shingle to cover the hole. Professional roofers can set this in place with a few roofing nails.

Keep in mind that this aluminum fix is temporary and should only be used if you need to wait for roofers for a week or less. Even if there’s no leak after the application of aluminum patches, it’s still best to get the holes sealed off permanently.

Long Term Fix

When it will be a few months before a roofing contractor can repair your roof and the damage is severe, you can ask them for a quick repair. They can affix a temporary but long-term tarp over the damage. For long-term tarp, roofers can cover the hole with exterior-grade plywood and attach it to undamaged sheathing with deck screws. This will prevent the tarp from collecting water. Roofers will also need to fix straps on the sides of the tarp to anchor it securely until the final repairs can be made.

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