Have an Eco-friendly Home with Energy-efficient Roofing in Folsom, CA

Many residents in Folsom, CA are starting to recognize the advantage of cool roofs or energy-efficient roofs in reducing energy consumption. They are also starting to learn that these roofing systems actually minimize the home’s carbon footprint, making it beneficial not only to the home but to the environment, too. Thus, if you replace your old roofing in Folsom, CA with energy-efficient materials, you will be hitting two birds with one stone.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emphasizes the benefits of cool roofs in an article:

Cool roofs provide a number of benefits beyond urban heat island mitigation, including:

  • Reduced energy use: A cool roof transfers less heat to the building below, so the building stays cooler and uses less energy for air conditioning.

  • Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions: By lowering energy use, cool roofs decrease the production of associated air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Improved human health and comfort: Cool roofs can reduce air temperatures inside buildings with and without air conditioning, helping to prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths.

Cool roofs deflect some desired heat gain during the winter. In general, though, cool roofs result in net energy savings, especially in areas where electricity prices are high.

Although costs will vary greatly depending on location and local circumstances, cool roof coatings on a low-slope roof might cost $0.75–$1.50 per square foot, while single-ply cool roof membrane costs vary from $1.50–$3.00 per square foot.

Fortunately, energy-efficient roofing can also add value and beauty to your home. When replacement is not necessary, cool coating can be applied to enhance the efficiency of your existing roofs. Cool-colored tiles or metal roofing systems may be used to reflect sunlight, or absorb the right percentage of energy from the sun.

Cool roofs and cool roof coatings also feature enhanced durability, improved adhesion, and algae growth suppression. You may also cover your existing roof with a mini garden, referred to as “green” roofing, using special planters to reduce heat transfer and absorb rainfall. This will likewise help reduce air pollution.

There are several roofing companies in Elk Grove, such as Yancey Home Improvements, that specialize in the use of eco-friendly materials. Credible roofing contractors can provide you with a proficient yet cost-effective service. Moreover, see to it that you carefully evaluate the wind performance, fire resistance and energy efficiency of the new roofing materials, as well as their drainage and insulation systems.

[Article Excerpt and Image from “Cool Roofs,” US Environmental Protection Agency]

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