Don’t Let Storm Chasers Handle Emergency Roof Repairs

Catastrophic events such as hailstorms and hurricanes can destroy even the sturdiest roofing systems. It is also during these times when opportunistic individuals would peddle their services and offer to repair your Sacramento roof for a steal.

Should you take up the offer because it is convenient and cheap? This post will tell you why saying “yes” is a bad idea – even when hiring one seems like the best, cheapest, and most immediate solution you have.

  • The repairs are likely to be performed without an inspection. Fixing a roof without knowing the root cause of the problem will only conceal the issue, not solve it. It also puts your roofing system at risk for unnecessary foot traffic and further damage.
  • You compromise your household’s safety. Storm chasers are notorious for implementing quick fixes in record time. While speed is commendable during an emergency, you are short-changed in terms of quality. Sleeping under a faulty roof is never safe.
  • You stand to lose more money and time. Any roof repair specialist can attest that it is harder to fix a previous roofer’s mistakes than it is to install a new roof. It may be more worthwhile to wait for a professional to take care of the problem correctly and permanently all at once.
  • You don’t get to enjoy typical warranty agreements offered by local roofers. Warranties do not exist in the storm chasers’ vocabulary, since they’re always moving from one town to the next.

For your emergency roof repair Sacramento needs, let Yancey Home Improvements give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’re locally based, and our crew members are skilled and trained to handle the most complicated types of emergency repairs there are in California.

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