Converting to Solar Energy in Sacramento

Solar Energy in Sacramento

How To Convert Your Home to Solar Energy in Sacramento Region

Switching to Solar Energy in Sacramento and Surrounding Area

Electricity is something we’ve all grown to take for granted. It’s been a part of our homes and lives for generations. But over the past few decades, the costs – both monetary and environmental – of the electricity we depend on have become unsustainable. And the signs of that are unmistakable.

Here in California, we pay some of the nation’s highest prices for electricity. And as the environmental damage done by fossil-fuel-based electrical generation helps fuel record heatwaves, we also face rolling blackouts and service interruptions. But Californians are also in a unique position to do something about it.

That’s because California offers the perfect environment for solar power. And it means homeowners here can add a solar power system to their homes and say goodbye to the unreliable electrical grid forever. And as a Sacramento solar energy company, we know what it takes to make it happen. If you’re a homeowner considering a solar power system, here’s everything you need to know about choosing a solar company in Sacramento.

Determining Your Energy Needs

Before you can convert your home to solar energy, the first thing you need to do is calculate your home’s energy needs. As the best solar co Sacramento has to offer, we can help you do that. But if you’d like a rough idea, there’s a simple calculation you can do yourself. Just take a look at a few months of your electric bills and see what your peak daily electricity use was. You’ll need a system that can create at least that much power each day to be self-sufficient.

But be aware, your solar power system can only generate electricity when the sun is shining. Here in Sacramento, we get an average of 9.3 hours of sun per day (calculated to be 79% of daylight hours – Average 4 hours in January to a peak of 14.5 in July). That makes it easier here to rely on solar power than it is in most of the United States, and puts the idea of a completely solar Sacramento within reach. And with the addition of a battery backup system, homeowners here can enjoy the benefits of solar power 24 hours a day.

Designing a Professional, Efficient Solar Energy System

The next step in the process is to design a solar power system that can deliver the energy your home needs. And that requires a fair amount of expertise. As the go-to solar co Sacramento homeowners trust, we can help you with that, too. What you’ll need is an evaluation of your home’s roof and its potential for solar generation. That’s the best way to determine how many panels it will take to build the right system, and where they need to be on your roof.

Depending on the direction your home faces, it may be necessary to install solar panels on different parts of your roof to capture the greatest possible generation potential. Our experts can create a panel design using observations and aerial views of your home, to make sure you end up with the most efficient system possible. But if you’d like to get an idea of your home’s specific generation potential, you can use this tool provided by the US Department of Energy.


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Installation of Your System

Once your system design is complete, the last step in the conversion to solar power is to have it installed and connected to your home’s internal power system. This involves the transport of the system’s parts to your home for assembly. The biggest part of the job is getting the solar panels installed on your roof and connected together with the appropriate wiring. Getting this step right will play a big role in the performance and longevity of your solar power system.

Once again, you’ll want a reputable Sacramento solar energy company to handle this part of the process. And there’s no better choice than to go with a company with plenty of experience with both solar installation and roofing installation and repair. That way you can be sure that your home will get the energy generation it requires without doing any damage to your roof in the process.

Switching Your Home Over to Solar Power

Once your system is up and running, you should be ready to finish your home’s transition to solar energy. If you’ve built a system large enough, you might opt to go fully off-grid. But most of the time Sacramento homeowners instead participate in net metering. This means you’ll keep your connection to the grid, and only use electricity from it when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity.

Doing so reduces your reliance on backup battery systems and gives you flexibility if you need more power than your panels create from time to time. But, during peak daytime hours – when your system is operating at peak generation – you’ll be selling excess power back to the utilities. And there’s no more satisfying feeling than watching your electric meter start ticking down instead of up.

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Solar Energy in Sacramento is the Future

As you can see, the process of converting to solar energy in Sacramento isn’t that difficult. And as long as you have the right people helping you, you’ll end up with the results you want. It should be an easy decision for any Sacramento homeowner to make.

Going solar can lower your electric bills, help protect our environment, and eliminate blackouts and brownouts in your home. And the more people that go solar, the better it is for everyone. That’s why we’re happy to help in the drive to create a completely solar Sacramento. So if you’re a homeowner considering switching to solar power, contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

Map Of Our Recent Solar Energy Installations Around Sacramento and Beyond

FAQ Solar Energy

Solar FAQ's

What is a Microinverter?

Sacramento Solar Installer
Example of the Enphase Microinverter IQ7+

The microinverter is basically a computer that converts the DC Power from your solar panels to AC power…and a lot more! They are the brains installed under each panel and are the communications transceiver making the reporting functions of the Envoy system possible. These are fully waterproof and remotely updated for software and firmware updates.

How are Solar Panels attached to my roof?

Rooftop Solar Array mounting system
Example of a typical rail mounting system

Solar panels are installed on a rail system. First we install water tight feet directly bolted to your roof rafters. The rails get attached with bolts to the feet and the panels are bolted to the rails. Wiring passes through a boot called the soladeck into the attic and is routed to the electrical panel side of your house. It typically emerges into some conduit to the combiner box.

Can Solar Be Installed on My Tile Roof?

Yes, We can install solar panels on any style roof. Our roofing division is certified by both GAF and Owens Corning programs. We replace and repair mainly asphalt shingle roofs but, solar can be installed on Tile, composite, metal and asphalt roofs.

How Do I Know How My Solar Is Performing?

Yancey Home Improvements uses Enphase components. This means Microinverters installed under each solar panel module. These are interconnected and joined into the Enphase Combiner Box. Inside the combiner box is a communications module called Envoy. We connect the Envoy to your Wifi and configure your array on Enlighten. When you log into MyEnlighten, you can see the power produced by each solar panel (module) and trends for 7 day, month to date, all time power production as well as graphed out hour by hour. It’s a slick system.

Solar Panel Installation Company

When choosing a solar panel installation company, make sure they are qualified for the job. We are GAF Solar Elite Certified and we are GAF Master Elite Certified. That mean you get both a highly qualified solar panel installation company and roofing company wrapped into one package. In addition, with $2 Million in General Liability insurance, workers comp insurance for our crews and a license for roofing and solar work, Yancey Home Improvements is hard to beat.

Is Solar Energy Renewable?

Solar energy in one of the world’s currently available renewable energy resources. It is joined by wind, hydroelectric, wave energy and thermal energy from the below the surface.

How solar energy is stored

The electricity produced by a solar photovoltaic array can be stored in battery systems. It can be used to recharge your RV battery, electric vehicles and much more. For households, solar energy is stored in battery arrays such as the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Encharge. Yancey Home Improvements can design storage into your new solar array system or design an add on for your existing system.  Yancey Home Improvements can design and install a complete energy generation and storage system or add the battery back up to your home whether you have solar or not.

Where solar energy is used

Solar energy is used around the world. Where is solar energy found? It’s efficiency is only limited by the amount of sunlight that reaches the surface. So in the arctic circle and in the rain forests, solar sunlight can be either very seasonal or none existent.

How solar energy is beneficial for the environment

Solar energy is beneficial by replacing some of the other means of producing electricity such as natural gas, coal, fossil fuels and nuclear. Wind and hydroelectric are two other green energy producing technologies. You help slow depletion of natural resources while reducing carbon emissions.

How much solar energy do I need?

When we visit your home we will evaluate your electricity bill and the amount of shade vs. direct sun light exposure your home has. We’ll design a system to create as much energy as possible for your home’s sunlight exposure. Anywhere from 50% of the homes needs up to 100% of the needs.

Solar Energy Loans

Many banks and savings and loan companies offer various types of home improvement loans. Yancey Home Improvements has several financing plans offered which can allow you to qualify for very low financing rates and up to a decade to pay. Ask your residential solar consultant at your appointment.

What solar energy can be used for

Anything run by electricity basically. Depending on the size of a solar cell, a solar panel and a solar energy system, the amount of energy/electricity generated will vary. You’ve seen solar panels used to operate entry gates, recreational vehicles and even smaller system like landscape lighting. Yancey Home Improvements specialized in designing systems to run the electrical needs of a residence.

How solar energy is created

Solar energy is created by sunlight shining on the photovoltaic panels. Light is collected and 12v power is created by the cells in the pv absorbing electromagnetic radiation and converting to negatively charged electrons.

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