Clay Roof Problems for Sacramento Homes

Clay roofs are great. In fact, some of Sacramento’s oldest landmarks sport these roofs. However, while there’s a lot to recommend clay roofs, they are not totally invincible. If you are considering them for your home, here are some problems you may find yourself up against:

  • Extra installation cost. Due to the weight of the tiles, your roof may require an additional roof support system. This is an extra cost you cannot forgo if you want your roof to stay on top of your home and not collapse.
  • No stepping rule. If you’re the type who likes to fix your roof yourself, you won’t be doing that with a clay tile roof. Stepping on them means risking cracks along the tile surface. Professional roofers are the best people trained to fix a clay tile roof.
  • Loose tiles. There are also cases where loose tiles can slide off your roof. Age and heat can be a factor, but professional installation can save you this trouble.
  • Chips and breakage. Falling debris like tree branches or hailstones can crack clay tiles. Hairline fractures can lead to leaks that can compromise your entire roof system. Ask contractors for impact-resistant clay tiles to prevent this type of problem.
  • Leaks. Tiles that are too porous contribute to leak problems. Be sure to talk with contractors for their tile recommendations. Most of the time, clay roof problems stem from defective products.
  • Fading color. This problem only manifests in tiles that are given just a top coating of color. The best way to avoid this is by opting for tiles that are kiln-dried. With this method, the tile is baked, effectively preserving its color to prevent fading.

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